How Can I Prepare for the Health Insurance 2023 Open Enrollment?

This article was originally posted in 2020. However, we’re here for you ANY year during Open Enrollment!

Open Enrollment for health insurance coverage begins November 1st. Are you ready? Today we are going to discuss some things you can prepare now so you are ready to apply, whether this is your first time applying, or if you are planning to re-enroll.   

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What is Open Enrollment?  

Each year, the Open Enrollment Period typically begins November 1st and ends December 15th in most states. Your coverage would begin on January 1st. This Open Enrollment Period is when all U.S. citizens or legal residents living in the United States can apply for health insurance.  

Keep in mind, if you miss the Open Enrollment Period due to a major life change such as loss of coverage, marriage, adoption, a move, etc. then you might be able to access the Special Enrollment Period, which allows you to apply for coverage outside of this timeframe 

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Things to Consider Before Applying 

Choosing the right plan for you can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few tips to make it a little easier when it comes time to apply:  

  • Make a list of questions before you choose your health plan. You might wonder if you can stay with your current doctor, if your medications are covered, or if your plan will cover health costs when traveling. These are all great things to ask, and our Independent Agents at McKnight & McKnight can help find the answers and get the right coverage for you!  
  • Set a budget. Figure out how much you are willing to spend on health coverage based on your needs and budget.  
  • Before choosing a plan, take a look at co-pays, out-of-pocket costs for care and prescriptions, and what things are included in the coverage 


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What Do I Need To Get a Health Insurance Policy?  

Here’s what information you might need when you start the application process for health coverage this year:

Your Information:  

To begin, please be prepared with some basic information, including name, date of birth, address, and social security number for all applicants that will be included in your policySome insurance companies may require height/weight information for each applicant

Information About Your Household:  

When applying for health coverage, we will have questions about the other people in your household. Here is a short list of who you should include on your insurance application:  

  • Your spouse 
  • Children who live with you  
  • Anyone that you include on your taxes as a dependent, even if they don’t live with you 
  • Anyone under the age of 26, even if they make enough money to file their own taxes  
  • Your unmarried partner. (Only if they are dependent on your taxes, or they are the parent of your child.) 

Home/Mailing Addresses for Everyone Applying: 

Where you live may impact what coverage you are eligible for. You will be asked if you are a resident of the state that you currently reside in, and for your home/mailing address if it is different. If anyone listed on your application has a different address, this will need to be included. 

Social Security Number: 

Be prepared to provide the SSN for everyone in your home, even if they aren’t applying for health coverage. The SSN is used to verify information and is only used to determine eligibility for health coverage.  


 For those renewing your current Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan, please be sure to schedule a phone appointment with us if you need to update your income with the Marketplace.  

For those seeking new ACA (“Obamacare”) coverage, we can help you navigate these plans and determine if you are eligible for a subsidy. Your health insurance application may require you to include information about income, expenses, and deductions for everyone in your household. Be prepared to include income from the following: 

  • Wages and salaries (As reported on your W-2 or Pay Stub) 
  • Tips 
  • Income from self-employment  
  • Unemployment compensation 
  • Social Security payments  
  • Retirement/pension income 
  • Any other taxable income  

Current Health Coverage Information: 

 If you and those in your family are currently enrolled in health care coverage including Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, a VA health program, Peace Corps, employer insurance, or an individual insurance plan, you may need to include this in your application.  

Ready for Open Enrollment? 

 You have (a lot) of insurance options. If shopping for a new health insurance plan for yourself or your family during this year’s Open Enrollment Period, our trusted, independent Tampa insurance company can help! Call McKnight & McKnight Insurance to get started with a complimentary quote and/or policy review!

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 *Post updated on 10/11/2022

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