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Disability Income Health Insurance

disability insurance in Tampa STATE | McKnight Insurance

Many people choose to neglect the possibility that an illness or accident could prevent them from going to work at any time. However, disability is actually a commonplace occurrence, and everyone is at risk.  According to the Social Security Administration Fact…

Short Term Health Insurance

People may find short-term health insurance a useful option in a variety of situations. Basically, it is an interim plan that can last anywhere from a few weeks to almost a year.  Obviously, these policies are not meant to provide…

Travel Health Insurance

These days it is becoming easier and cheaper to travel around the globe. From vacations to semesters abroad to international careers, more and more people are journeying to distant locations, far from their hometowns.  While travelling is exciting and mind-opening,…

Health Insurance for Self-employed

In today’s modern economy, it’s becoming more common for people to become self-employed. While there are many benefits and freedoms that come with this newfound autonomy, there also comes many additional responsibilities.  One of these is finding a health insurance…

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