Save TIME and MONEY with this new healthcare technology!

We are excited to introduce a fantastic Doctor Call Service program. This “telemedicine” or “telehealth” technology provides remote access to a physician via phone, video conference or mobile app. Our family has been using this service for months with great success. It’s an excellent, cost-effective supplement to our existing health insurance coverage.

Talk to a Doctor in Minutes
24/7 access by phone, video or mobile app

  • Talk with a Doctor in 14 minutes on average
  • Receive diagnosis, treatment plans & prescriptions (if needed)
  • All doctors are U.S. Board Certified and State Licensed
  • On average, doctors have 15 years of in-office experience

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Do the Math
Our family of 4 enjoys coverage for just $19.95 per month. We have already used this service 4+ times in a 4 month period for minor family health issues. We estimate a $300+ savings on physician visits thus far! We were able to speak with a Board Certified physician (even specialists) who helped us in minutes. No driving to the doctor, waiting in an office or expensive copays!

  • Use it as much as you need to for one fixed monthly fee
  • No copays, deductibles, hidden fees or per-call charges
  • A better alternative to expensive Urgent Care or late-night ER visits
  • No need to arrange travel, childcare or time off from work for an office visit during the week

Telemedicine is not designed to replace the need for a relationship with your primary care provider, but serves as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to urgent care and emergency room visits (we still visit our family physician for major issues and annual visits). Depending on your existing health insurance plan, simple doctor visits can cost $100+ after co-pay or before deductible is met. However, we found it was the minor visits that were adding up for our family (i.e. colds, travel nausea prescription, minor illnesses requiring antibiotic, etc.). Sometimes it was difficult to get into our regular physician on short notice. This service solves these challenges and complements our routine health care. 

  • Still have questions about this program?
  • Are you an employer that would like to offer this program for your employees?

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Note: This is not insurance. It does not replace your primary care physician, but is a resource platform designed to improve wellness and lifestyle. If you have an urgent medical condition, please dial 911. All services HIPAA compliant. 



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