Short Term Health Insurance

People may find short-term health insurance a useful option in a variety of situations.

Basically, it is an interim plan that can last anywhere from a few weeks to almost a year.  Obviously, these policies are not meant to provide lasting coverage but are meant to fill in gaps in your regular plans or to get you through times when you have no other options for health insurance.  They are usually designed to protect against unpredictable illnesses and emergencies rather than provide a comprehensive policy.  Here are some of the most appropriate situations that prompt people to seek short-term medical coverage.

Recent college graduates/dependents no longer covered by parents’ plan

Short-term insurance policies are becoming more and more popular among the younger generation.  If your future and economic security are still unguaranteed during this age, a short term plan can be enough to cover all of your health care needs while you figure out the next step in your life.

Temporary, seasonal, or part-time employees

If you are working a job that does not provide an option for group health insurance, a short-term individual plan could be your most cost-effective option.

Waiting for employer coverage or individual marketplace coverage to start

Sometimes there can be a significant gap between beginning the process of shopping and applying for long term coverage and when the policy actually kicks in.  A short term plan is the perfect choice to fill in these gaps.

Between jobs, on strike, laid off

Whether you are job hunting, recuperating, or looking at a stretch of unemployment, it’s important to remain under medical coverage.  There are many affordable plans designed for those waiting to get back to work.

Travelling outside of the area covered in your network

Many group policies provide coverage within a network contained in a local area.  If you have to travel, whether for business or pleasure, for an extended amount of time outside of this area, a short term plan can provide you the coverage you need.

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