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3 Reasons Healthcare Reform Help You

The creation of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has been confusing for many citizens and insurance shoppers.  As an insurance agent, we have had many questions about why healthcare reform was necessary, and how it helps people.  Healthcare reform helps you in many ways, specifically improving the access and quality of healthcare, giving care of more citizens, and decreasing the costs to the user.

In the past, it was difficult to find a quality healthcare specialist to receive proper care.  Healthcare reform has helped to provide better preventative and follow-up care than ever before.  Primary physicians work with more specialists in order to manage a patient’s health problems, preventing diseases from happening, and following up on existing conditions at a better rate.  Healthcare reform also reduces unnecessary (and costly) hospital re-admissions by providing a system between hospitals and primary care physicians.

Healthcare is available to more citizens than before due to the recent healthcare reform.  Patients can no longer be turned away and denied insurance coverage due to having a pre-existing condition.  The time it takes to see a physician is decreased compared to years past due to better health reporting and updated systems.  Patients and physicians have better access to medical records, which makes appointments more productive, allowing physicians to better help their patients.

Reform was necessary for healthcare due to the increasingly inflated costs of physicians and hospitals.  Healthcare is now more affordable to patients, and tax credits and subsidies are available to many individuals.  Most preventative care costs are covered, with no additional payment or copay necessary to visit your physician.  There are better prescription costs due to healthcare reform.  It also costs less to be covered now than not due to penalties for a lack of coverage.  Emergency healthcare will no longer cause families as many hardships as prior years.

Understanding healthcare reform is still a bit tricky, but with the help of an insurance agent, navigating health insurance is easier.  If you’re looking for insurance options due to healthcare reform in the Tampa area, contact McKnight & McKnight Insurance.  We can help you understand even more reasons how healthcare reform helps you.  Call us at 866-525-0368 for more information!


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