Health Insurance for Students

A few years ago, college students had very few options for health insurance. Now, after the health care reforms of recent years, there are several possibilities for students to explore.

One possibility for students under the age of 26 is to remain on their parents plan. Oftentimes this is the most cost-effective solution to finding health insurance for students. It is especially convenient if the student is attending a school in the same state their parents live in. However, if the plan has a private network of health care providers, it might be difficult for a student to access care within the network. If there isn’t a provider in close proximity to their school, oftentimes health concerns must be delayed until a holiday session, or the student will have to take time off just to get taken care of. Sometimes this isn’t an issue if preventative care visits are made routinely, but it’s important to look into how emergency services will be covered in the student’s college town, and if there is no coverage offered, it might be a good idea to look into short-term or supplemental insurance.

Another option is to look into the college’s health plans. These days many schools offer their students affordable health coverage, and oftentimes the premiums can be paid with student loans. However, these plans are often less comprehensive, and may include annual limits, so it’s important to read over the benefits analysis carefully.

Public or state plans are often available to students at affordable rates, and this may be a good solution for students on a tight budget. However, many plans that are available will be cheap with very few benefits offered. It’s important to make sure that the student’s personal needs will be covered in the plan. Depending on your state’s rules and regulations, it may now be possible to apply for Medicaid while you’re still in school.

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