Health Insurance for Seniors

Finding the right health insurance for seniors is exceedingly important. Often, seniors find themselves on fixed or limited incomes with substantial medical costs to cover. Therefore, a comprehensive and personally suitable plan is necessary.

Medicare is a federal government programs meant to provide health assistance for senior citizens. These plans often cover typical routine preventative services and screenings that will help prevent and detect serious conditions and illnesses. Medicaid is a state and federal joint program with plans that offer special benefits to disabled, blind, and senior citizens with low incomes.

However, many of these plans do not cover all of the medical expenses that seniors may accrue. Oftentimes it will be necessary to purchase supplementary insurance. There are many plans that have been designed to cater to this specific need and are often referred to as “Medigap.” This is often advantageous for seniors who are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Getting a private individual health care plan is always an option for seniors. However, these tend to be pricey, and many policies can be denied to people with pre-existing conditions. This has been addressed with recent healthcare reforms, but it still can be an issue, especially for seniors with limited income.  

Another option is to find health insurance through a group or company that you are associated with. It is very common for senior citizens to find an affordable plan through membership organizations such as AARP or other programs for seniors. It’s also possible to access health care through the company you work for, and some employers even sponsor retiree health plans. Group insurance is often a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a senior health plan individually.

Veterans are entitled to exclusive health services through the VA or TRICARE FOR Life Program, and can often get many of their health care services provided through these government programs.

In addition there are many programs that extend aid to seniors for prescriptions and other healthcare services.

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