Employer Group Insurance vs Individual Insurance

We often get calls from people who have been on employer (group) health insurance plans for their entire lives and are at a loss when it comes to switching to an individual health care plan.  

Their company did all the research on the best plans, chose the health insurance company, and picked all the plan options for them. Group insurance used to be the norm, but times have changed. Here’s why… 

Rising Trend of Individuals Choosing their Health Insurance

  • Challenging economic times have caused employers to look for cuts in their budgets
  • Rising health care costs have made it difficult for employers to pay for their employee’s health insurance 
  • Some new drugs and technologies are just too expensive for an employer to cover

Due to these factors, we have seen a rising trend in individuals choosing to find their plans and pay for their healthcare rather than receiving it through their workplace. Even if you still have access to an employer-based group health plan, you might wonder if opting into an Individual Health Insurance plan is right for you.   

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Differences between Individual & Employer Insurance

To help you understand both options, let’s look at both individual and employer-based plans so you are better prepared to make your decision.  

Individual Health Insurance  

An individual health insurance policy is one that you purchase for just yourself or your family. You might also find that they are called “personal health plans.” You can work with a McKnight & McKnight Insurance agent to discuss different plans and costs.  

Are you wondering, “Can I afford an individual health insurance plan?” CLICK HERE to schedule a quick phone appointment and we’ll help you determine your most affordable policy options.  

 Main advantages of an individual health insurance plan:  

  • You can shop around for an insurance company, plan, and options that meet your specific needs.
  • You have the flexibility to renew or change your health insurance plan during the annual Open Enrollment period.  
  • You can change jobs or begin to work for yourself without losing your health coverage.
  • You can choose a plan that covers your specific doctors and health providers.  


McKnight & McKnight Insurance offers many individual health insurance plans that can meet your specific needs. Call us today for an individualized quote: 813-792-2301! 


Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance  

Employer-sponsored group health insurance policies are selected and purchased by your employer and are offered to eligible employees and their dependents. These are known as “group plans.” Employers typically share the cost of the premium with you while you’re employed with the company. 

Benefits of an employer-sponsored health insurance plan: 

  • Employers split the cost of the premium with the employee (primary). Unfortunately, the employee typically pays the full premium for all dependents (spouse, children) 
  • The employer chooses the plan options and health insurance company (but for some, this isn’t an advantage at all).  
  • Employer contributions to your premium are not subject to federal taxes.  

Remember: should you change jobs or your employment is terminated, you’ll be left without coverage if your employer was essentially subsidizing it for you and your family. This unexpected change can make you feel like you’re forced to take significantly more expensive COBRA insurance coverage.  

Money will be tight when you’re between jobs, so you may be better off with a personal, individual plan. Call our health insurance policy team to learn what options best suit your needs and budget. 813-792-2301

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Deciding whether to enroll in an individual health insurance plan or a group plan through your employer can be confusing. There are often significant differences in benefit options, costs, and availability of coverage. Ultimately, the best health insurance plan is one that fits your unique circumstances.  

An independent agent at McKnight & McKnight Insurance can help you choose an individual health insurance plan based on your unique circumstances. Here, we believe in keeping the promise of affordable coverage. Fill out our online questionnaire or call us for an insurance quote today in minutes – 813-792-2301 

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